Belden Avenue Residence

The design team of Larry Vodak (Scout) and Angela Stone (Hinge Design Studio) were brought in by the owner to help brighten up the space and maximize the usage of the square footage in this old historic vintage home in Lincoln Park.  The owners found themselves in the kitchen most of the time and rarely in the dining room.  The designers wanted to change that.  We were brought in by the owners to make the designers' vision come alive. We started by removing the columns obstructing the central underused dining room and converting it into the living room, which is flanked between the dining room and kitchen. Like many long thin Victorian homes, it was very dark in the center of the home. With a clear view of what was wanted from the designers and owners, we brought in painters to paint the dark trim and walls bright white and our flooring sub to strip, sand and stain the floors to a very sexy midnight blue. It towed the line between classic and modern perfectly. We also replaced the 1990's back staircase to something that was much more secure and fit with the look of the front foyer staircase. The home is more open and light filled then before and holds on to every bit of its historic Lincoln Park charm .

Designer: Angela Stone, Hinge Design Studio
Interiors: Larry Vodak, SCOUT